VMware Video Series – Introduction
Ashfaq Ansari

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On March 31, 2011
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Video Tutorial series on VMware Virtualization Software. This series includes installing, configuring VMware Virtualization products. Using VMware virtualization software for penetration testing in a lab environment.




Bring the Power of Virtualization Software to Your Next Project!

VMware is the leading virtual machine software available today and it is the foundation for next generation computing as it allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. We will teach users the nuts and bolts of this powerful program, including how to install and upgrade VMware and use its guest operating systems. We will try to provide administrators and developers everything they need to know in order to use VMware Workstation effectively, including how to configure, run, and troubleshoot virtual machines.

Step-by-step tutorials allow users to work with the software as they read, and real-world examples and video demonstration reinforce the tutorials and make understanding this powerful new technology easy. Here, users will learn all the skills necessary to use VMware effectively in corporate IT infrastructures.

KEY FEATURES * We provide the complete guide to VMware *

Covers essential features such as virtual networking, multiple snapshots, teams, full and linked clones, shared folders, and Windows clustering technologies, including how to install it on a Windows® and Linux® platform, troubleshoot and trace common problems, configure complex virtual networks, move, share, and work with virtual machines and disks, and performance tune virtual machines to fit various needs.

VMware is firmly embedded in numerous companies, in much the same way that, during the mid-1990s, Microsoft Windows NT4 spread like a wildfire and usurped the once-mighty Novell. Once a data center is more than 50% virtualized, virtualization becomes just as important to an infrastructure as physical servers, networking and storage.

In short, VMware’s starting point couldn’t limit the company’s future and put it in a bidding war with other virtualization providers on the cost of VMware’s virtualization products.

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