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Penetration Testing is a critical security testing of a network infrastructure, application, web application. Penetration testing is not going to be worth anything if there are no reports to detail what has been done and what needs to be fixed or corrected.

Penetration Test report lay down the base foundation that determines how good or bad a network, web applications and Internet security performs.

But how does we go about writing a good Penetration Test report?

We were in a big dilemma deciding on the Penetration Testing Report sample to use with our client. We did a rigorous search on Google for the sample reports, but we were unable to find any suitable sample Penetration Testing Report for Web Application.

After spending hours on querying and searching, we found nothing suitable for our need. Finally, we decided to write our own Penetration Testing Report for Web Application.

As we are determined towards doing things in a better and fantastic way, we completed the Penetration Testing of Web App of our client, we submitted the Penetrating Testing report.

After two days, our clients called back and said “WOW!!! you all did a great job and the report was fantastic!”.

After listening to this, we got some relief and finally after having discussion with our Team, we decided why not release this report sample on HackSys Team’s blog so that other people who are looking for sample Penetration Testing Report on Web Application can make use of it.

So, here we are. You may consult our sample Penetration Testing Report – Web Application. We have also included the PoC created for the sample test.

Download Penetration Testing Report & Exploit PoC


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Thank you very much. I hope this would be useful to you all. Please leave back comments so that we can know your suggestions and work on it.



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13 Responses to “Penetration Testing Report – Web Application”

  1. oscar fernando torres says:

    buenas tardes sera que tienes el informe en español

    • Hola Oscar,

      Por desgracia, yo no tengo una versión en español del informe. Estoy usando un traductor para traducir mi blog para otro idioma.

      Ashfaq Ansari
      HackSys Equipo

  2. Great Sharing, but tweet2download plugin seems not be working… i tried many times it ends up with a blank page. plz see

  3. Hi,
    I am a newbie into web-app pentesting. Just want to get a taste of how to design one.Is the report still available. I am unable to find in on this blog.

  4. Fantastic Guys! I’m new to Penetration Testing world and I was searching web for sample penetration testing report for web application.

    Finally found HackSys Team on Google search page and wow, I got what I was searching for.

    Proof Of Concept codes are great! Keep it up.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing. 🙂

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