Welcome to HackSys Team



Welcome to HackSys Team


HackSys Team is a venture of HackSys, code named “Panthera“. HackSys was established in the year 2009.

We at HackSys Team are trying to deliver solution for most of the Windows issues. This is an open platform where you will get video tutorials on many activities including VOD (Video on Demand).

We here provide you Data Recovery Solutions and Consultation on various issues. We will try our best to fulfill your most of the queries.

Not much to say about us as we believe in showing rather than saying.

Be connected and feel free to give comments so that we can improve to deliver the best solutions to you.

Once again HackSys welcomes you to HackSys Team (Panthera).

Thanks and Regards,

HackSys Team
CN : Panthera


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Ashfaq Ansari

Security Researcher
Ashfaq Ansari is the founder of HackSys Team code named "Panthera". He is a Security Researcher with experience in various aspects of Information Security. He has authored "HackSys Extreme Vulnerable Driver" and "Shellcode of Death". He has also written and published various whitepapers on low level software exploitation. His core interest lies in "Low Level Exploitation", "Reverse Engineering", "Program Analysis" and "Hybrid Fuzzing". He is a fanboy of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is the chapter lead for null Pune.

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